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New Blog Under Construction!

This is where it’s all going to happen… the new digs. Dig this post? Share it with your friends:Tweet

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Vegan(!!) Miso Veggie Stew

I know I know, I’m cracking up. I’ve gone bonkers over here… second day of no meat and tonight it was completely vegan! I think I might have to have a steak or some ribs tomorrow… Dig this post? Share … Continue reading

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Vegetarian What?

I’ve been getting a lot of “even though your blog is all about meat and I don’t eat meat, I’ve been sending the link to my friends who do” comments lately… it’s not ALL about meat! So here it is. … Continue reading

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Fried Slow-Poached Egg & Ground Pork

Minus the slow-poached egg, this is a variation on one of my standard dinners… usually I eat it tossed with noodles and it’s much better that way than with rice. This one wasn’t the best but you get the idea. … Continue reading

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