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If you’ve been around me at all in the last few weeks you’ve heard a lot about pomegranates. That’s because about a month ago I arrived home from work to find a giant box filled two layers deep with pomegranates sent to me by Pom Wonderful. The people at Pom Wonderful decided to host something of a dinner party challenge based around, as you might have guessed, pomegranates. I submitted a proposal for a dinner on their website and was chosen to receive a box of poms and a fistful of coupons for some free bottles of Pom Wonderful juice. Continue reading

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Gels and Jellies: Why They Do What They Do

In anticipation of playing with some gelatin and agar later this week, I decided to do some research on the subject of gelatins. As is usually the case, I realized that all my cooking life I’ve been engaged with the wonders of gelatin but have never taken the time to really try to understand the mystery of how it works. It’s another one of those cooking wonders that we just accept for what it is and move on, using it regularly but never quite knowing how or why it does what it does.
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