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Project Food Blog Round 2 – The Clasics: Seolleongtang

I made it! Round two of Project Food Blog… I guess it turns out there are at least a few people who are interested in hearing about more than just granola and yogurt and how many calories you can cut … Continue reading

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Project Food Blog!

So i’m entered into this contest Foodbuzz is hosting called Project Food Blog and the first “challenge” is to define myself as a food blogger. I’m supposed to explain why I have what it takes and what sets my blog … Continue reading

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Szechuan Round 2: Ma Po Tofu

I’m on a roll – two nights in a row! Tonight’s Szechuan dinner was a lot quicker and actually turned out even better than last night’s. It also had a little more of the chili kick I was expecting last … Continue reading

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Szechuan Round 1: Kung Pao Chicken

My newest challenge: Szechuan cuisine. I decided to take it easy for the first go round – Kung Pao Chicken. It’s a simple dish but was a good baby step into the fiery culinary arena of the Szechuan province. Since … Continue reading

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New Blog Under Construction!

This is where it’s all going to happen… the new digs. Dig this post? Share it with your friends:Tweet

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