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If you’ve been around me at all in the last few weeks you’ve heard a lot about pomegranates. That’s because about a month ago I arrived home from work to find a giant box filled two layers deep with pomegranates sent to me by Pom Wonderful. The people at Pom Wonderful decided to host something of a dinner party challenge based around, as you might have guessed, pomegranates. I submitted a proposal for a dinner on their website and was chosen to receive a box of poms and a fistful of coupons for some free bottles of Pom Wonderful juice. Continue reading

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Gels and Jellies: Why They Do What They Do

In anticipation of playing with some gelatin and agar later this week, I decided to do some research on the subject of gelatins. As is usually the case, I realized that all my cooking life I’ve been engaged with the wonders of gelatin but have never taken the time to really try to understand the mystery of how it works. It’s another one of those cooking wonders that we just accept for what it is and move on, using it regularly but never quite knowing how or why it does what it does.
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Cereal Milk Custard

The first time I had Humphrey Slocombe’s “Secret Breakfast” ice cream I was totally blown away… bourbon and corn flakes? Ridiculous… who would have known? Well Momofuku does a few variations on the corn flake dessert as well… they do ice cream and straight cereal milk to drink at their Milk Bar in New York. Continue reading

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Rice Cooker Short Ribs

So I had planned to braise short ribs for my Project Food Blog dinner party but I was a little behind schedule and had to improvise. I’ve always wanted to use my rice cooker to cook something other than rice but always forget about it… I figured it’s the closest thing I have to a pressure cooker so I might as well give it a shot. What did I have to lose? Just a crowd of friends expecting a good dinner… Continue reading

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Project Food Blog Round 3: Dinner Party

So my blog has been reduced to only posting about Project Foodbuzz for now. Hopefully for 8 more weeks or so! I made it to the third round and have been forced to attempt to host a “luxurious” dinner party on a seriously busy weekend. Friday night was my only option and I had absolutely no time to prepare during the week leading up… the best I could do was make some stock.

I had grand plans to do crock pot short ribs and cook them all day but my memory failed me and I forgot to borrow my coworker’s crock pot. Don’t ask how that happens… the extremes of how bad my memory/attention span is even amazes me. It’s a wonder that I can ever accomplish anything in a kitchen, where organization and preparing ahead are supposed to be the golden rules – not in my house! It’s all fresstyle baby, by the seat of my pants. Continue reading

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Project Food Blog Round 2 – The Clasics: Seolleongtang

I made it! Round two of Project Food Blog… I guess it turns out there are at least a few people who are interested in hearing about more than just granola and yogurt and how many calories you can cut … Continue reading

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Project Food Blog!

So i’m entered into this contest Foodbuzz is hosting called Project Food Blog and the first “challenge” is to define myself as a food blogger. I’m supposed to explain why I have what it takes and what sets my blog … Continue reading

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Szechuan Round 2: Ma Po Tofu

I’m on a roll – two nights in a row! Tonight’s Szechuan dinner was a lot quicker and actually turned out even better than last night’s. It also had a little more of the chili kick I was expecting last … Continue reading

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Szechuan Round 1: Kung Pao Chicken

My newest challenge: Szechuan cuisine. I decided to take it easy for the first go round – Kung Pao Chicken. It’s a simple dish but was a good baby step into the fiery culinary arena of the Szechuan province. Since … Continue reading

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