Busy Weekend

So this past weekend was one of the more excitingly packed food weekends I’ve had in a long time. Lots of big events. Friday night we catered the Foodbuzz food bloggers convention opening night at the Ferry Building, which was really awesome. We were one of only a few caterers and got some really awesome feedback about our pies and it was pretty cool. I also got to eat 4505 Meats chicharrones and Hog Island oysters all night, so I was definitely not complaining.

Saturday was the very first Eating About Beer dinner. A group of homebrewer friends and I got together about six months ago and started talking about doing a dinner. We talked about brewing beer and pairing dishes and from all of this grew what we came to call Eating About Beer. It ended up as a nine course meal (3 of which were dessert!) and along with each course we paired a beer that we had brewed specifically for that course. We’d been brewing beer, testing dishes, pairing things up, planning menus, making menus, making napkins and all kinds of stuff for months. It went amazingly smoothly, for the first go. I think having six pairs of hands running around really helped. Everyone who ate seemed super happy with the meal and we all had a great time. We’re already discussing planning the next dinner. I’m posting a picture of one of the napkins with the logo on it. Hopefully I’ll have lots more photos soon. And there’s talk of a website… we will see. I created a little logo for the group that Chris and Olivia screened onto the napkins:

logo final

Apple cinnamon donuts… one of three dessert courses.

More photos to come…

And Monday, to finish the crazy weekend/start a new week, we catered pies to the Firefox 5 year anniversary party for Mozilla! It was awesome. A few photos here: Mozilla FireFox 5th Birthday

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